Thomas Mabiala Phuati

Chief Relations Officer

Mr. Mabiala Phuati is Family Solutions International Inc.’s Chief Relations Officer. Previously, Thomas was an Executive Administrator Official for the Government for Zaire, Deputy Chief Staff for the Minister of Mines and Energy for the Government of Congo. He was appointed as the United National High Commissioner for Refugees in the Central African Region. He also worked for World Bank as an Administrator of Praigefi of Zaire. Along with, US Government NC Banking Commission at the Mortgage broker and banker division. He has worked a Financial Director for the World Health Organization leading the HIV Program Funds. Previously, Thomas was the CEO of Global Development Company LLC., which operated in the Republic of Congo, Guinea, Mali, Sierra Leone, and South Sudan on various projects including the construction of schools, clinics, boreholes, agriculture, mining, and trade. He brings over 30 years of rich international business and procurement experience.